Recording Studio

A comfortable environment for your recordings, in the photo the control room

Hourly rates to record is € 30, oo (+iva22%), includes Engineer. Attractive packages available for singers and music groups.
Recording Studio Equipment
Mixer: •Yamaha 01V96I

Computer: •PC Intel I5 - Win 10 (64bit) •2 monitors touch screen HP23TM

DAW: •Cubase Pro 10

Microphones: •Neumann U87 •AKG C3000B

Monitors: •Yamaha NS10M •Bose 201 •Wharfedale Diamond •Yamaha YST-FSW100

Amplifications: •Yamaha P2040 •Yamaha RS700

Outboards: •Lexicon LXP-1 (eco/reverb)Lexicon •LXP-5 (delay) •Lexicon MPX 100 (dual channel processor) •Roland SN-550 (digital noise eliminator) •DBX 2231 equalizzatore stereo grafico •Pod Ver. 2 Line 6 •Steinberg Midex 8 interfaccia midi usb (8 In/8 Out midi)

Expanders & Kayboards: •Yamaha MOX8 •Roland Integra 7 •Roland SC 8850 •Ketron SD2

Pianoforte: •Yamaha Grand Touch GT2  (quartino di coda)

Guitars: •Elettrica Peavey "Raptor" •Acustica Washburn

Bass: •Ibanez Soundgear

Drum: •Pearl EPro Live

Other Recorders: •Tascam CD recorder •Tascam DA 20 (Dat) •Teac W544 (audio cassette double decker) •Sony Minidisk

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